2015 Kickstarter Support Page 2017-08-09T20:36:01+00:00

Welcome to the 2015 Kickstarter Support page!

Below you will find a list of informational links related to our HYBRID hot ends, and our 2 and 4 head Stacker 500 Desktop and Full Height printers.


We want to thank the following people for backing our 2015 Kickstarter Launch:

Mike Rachuy, Ian Johnson, Plum Geek, Casey Liveringhouse, T R Jacobs, Andrew Ferenci, Anne Rachuy, Sembia, Kristen Dyrr, Catalin Coraci, Ivo Hendriks, Cesare Piccone, Melchor Toledo Jr, Shane Patience, Osama EL-BABA, Marshall Brothers, Fris13, Tim, Mark Ryan, Michael Mong, Robert Couture, bwdeep, Amir & Mehrdad, and Cindy Julian.