colorFabb_HT Clear 3D Printer Filament – 700g


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ColorFabb_HT is uniquely suited for advanced 3D printing users, particular those who need their creations to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and temperature resistance.  ColorFabb_HT has a heat resistance of 100°C, it is FDA compliant, styrene-free, and BPA-free made from Eastman Amphora™ HT5300 3D polymer

Available from STACKER in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. Approx. length on spool is 250 meters.


ColorFabb_HT 3D printer filament is produced from Amphora™ HT5300 polymer by Eastman Chemical Company.  Amphora™ Polymer will allow the user to produce 3D printed functional products in a safe way.

This filament features excellent properties: Odor Neutral processing, Styrene free formulation, FDA food contact compliance, BPA (Bisphenol A) free formulation.

Manufactured on 700g spools. Approx. length on spool is 250 meters.

High Glass Temp. (Tg = 100°C)
Good dimensional accuracy and stability
Low odor / Styrene Free solution

Excellent diameter tolerance
ColorFabb uses sophisticated and highly precise laser measuring systems to check the diameter of the filament in real time during the actual production process. It’s measured over 1000 times per second and this helps guarantee that each spool of filament is produced within tolerance. We can guarantee 0.05mm +/- for our 1.75mm diameter filament, which means you can be rest assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material called for.

Climate Controlled Warehouse
STACKER warehouses its filaments in a climate controlled room to protect them heat and moisture which can degrade the life and performance of some filaments.

In-house testing
ColorFabb filaments have been rigorously tested at both STACKER and colorFabb facilities on Stacker 3D printers, and this ensures the best results possible. The colorFabb test lab features a wide range of popular 3D printers, including several STACKER 3D printers. They are continuously testing on 3D printers to ensure the filament is performing in real world situations. If you’re not sure how to print with our materials on your 3D printer, please contact us at or

Material science
ColorFabb was founded as a brand of Helian Polymers, a sister company of Peter Holland which have been active in the master batch and additives for the plastics processing industry. Both companies eat sleep and dream about 3D printing, and our passion drives us to create the best user experience possible.

ColorFabb has a well-equipped 3D printing studio with a number of popular 3D printers, including STACKER 3D printers. We also test all our filaments in our own 3D printing lab at STACKER, and have added our knowledge to this section as well. In order to help you get the best results, we have compiled the following basic guides. We always welcome user feedback, so please feel free to share with us any tips and tricks you come up with! Thank you.

colorFabb nGen

Suggested printing temperature:
260° to 280°C
Suggested print speed:
30 – 50 mm/s
Suggested heated bed temperature. We recommend our custom BuildTak or glue stick.
100° – 110°C

Spool Size – 700g (1.54lbs)
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Thickness: 70mm
Inner Diameter: 53mm

Box Size

Tech Downloads
For technical data and MSDS sheets please follow this link: