Welcome to the 2015 Kickstarter Support page!

Below you will find a list of informational links related to our HYBRID hot ends, and our 2 and 4 head Stacker 500 Desktop and Full Height printers.

Terms and Conditions of Sale


Warning Page (.pdf)

Unboxing a Desktop Printer (.pdf)

User Guide (19 FEB 2016) (.pdf)

Multihead Print Head Template (.pdf)

Video Support Page (link)

STACKER 500 Firmware

Firmware Update Guide (.pdf)

Firmware v92.8 for 4 Head Printer (.zip)

Firmware v92.8 for 2 Head Printer (.zip)

Factory Default EEPROM Settings (.pdf)

STACKER 500 Forums

Google Groups: Stacker3D

Hybrid Hot End

Kickstarter HYBRID hot end assembly manual (.pdf)



Download version 1.6.1 for Windows

Mac OSX and Linux users can download Repetier

Test Print

STACKER Emblem for 050 nozzle PLA/PHA filament (.gcode)

Upgrade Parts

LCD Smart Controller Bracket (.stl)

Blower Duct Solid Wall (.stl)

Blower Duct 1mm Wall (.stl)


We want to thank the following people for backing our 2015 Kickstarter Launch:

Mike Rachuy, Ian Johnson, Plum Geek, Casey Liveringhouse, T R Jacobs, Andrew Ferenci, Anne Rachuy, Sembia, Kristen Dyrr, Catalin Coraci, Ivo Hendriks, Cesare Piccone, Melchor Toledo Jr, Shane Patience, Osama EL-BABA, Marshall Brothers, Fris13, Tim, Mark Ryan, Michael Mong, Robert Couture, bwdeep, Amir & Mehrdad, and Cindy Julian.