3D Printer FlexPlate for Stacker S4-XL

Purchasing an additional FlexPlate for the S4-XL BuildTak™ FlexPlate System will allow you to easily swap your FlexPlate when a print job is complete.  Swapping the FlexPlate allows your finished parts to cool while the printer can start printing another batch.  An extra FlexPlate helps eliminate downtime between prints because you can literally remove the entire print bed and replace it with an empty one.  Parts can be allowed to cool before you remove them from the build plate.

The FlexPlate includes one metal BuildTak™ FlexPlate and one sheet of our custom STACKER BuildTak printing surface.  When the BuildTak wears out, you simply need to replace the sheet of BuildTak and you can continue to use the same FlexPlate.

The FlexPlate will not work unless you purchase the S4 BuildTak™ FlexPlate System which includes the magnetic mounting base.

Made in USA.


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The FlexPlate will only work as part of the FlexPlate System.  This item does not include the magnetic base!  It only consists of a metal BuildTak™ FlexPlate and our custom BuildTak printing surface.

Download our Installation Guide

Please visit the BuildTak™ Support Page for an instructional video and FAQ.