3D Printer Build Plate Clips

STACKER’s Build Plate Clips enable you to secure a Glass Build Plate, FlexPlate, or other printing surface to your print bed.

Download the installation guide

Before installing our glass build plate, be sure to print a glass block spacer (STL file).  The glass block spacer sits on top of the Z-height adjustment screw to accommodate the added thickness of the glass build plate.  You will only have to do a minor adjustment to adjust the nozzle height.  No need to remove your BuildTak, our custom Glass Build Plate sits directly on top of the the BuildTak.  The convenient spacing grid is visible through the class.  To secure the glass to the bed, use the four custom clips included with the Glass Build Plate to secure the glass to the build plate.

A glass build plate can be easily sourced from a local glass supplier. Below are the dimensions the glass should be for each of our printers.

  • S2 – 16″1/2 x 12″3/8 x 1/4″
  • S2 Dual X – 19″3/16 x 16″3/8 x 1/4″
  • S4 – 21″3/16 x 14″5/16 x 1/4
  • S4-XL – 23″15/16 x 25″15/16 x 1/4