3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Brush for STACKER S4-XL

The STACKER Nozzle Cleaning Brush Kit allows you to clean your nozzles during prints.  By simply added a wipe movement in your GCODE, your nozzles move over the brush which removes unwanted filament to keep your prints clean.  The brush is made from brass and is a must if you plan on printing dual material parts.

The Brush Kit includes all the hardware you will need to install the brush, and if the brush should ever wear out, you can purchase a separate replacement brush.

Made in USA



Stacker 3D Nozzle Cleaning Brush for the STACKER S4-XL

Please download and read the installation instructions below:

Installation instructions


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S4-XL Brush Variations

S4-XL Brush with Mounting Hardware, S4-XL Replacement Brush