Replacement Plastic Shields (10-Pack)


MSRP: 20.00 for 10 shields, pre-punched, does NOT include frames!

If you own a 3D printer by all means print your own frames. Please follow this link to 3Dverkstan to learn more.


Our price is for a 10-pack of Replacement Plastic Shields

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt the global supply chain the 3D printing community has stepped in to fill the gaps, printing PPE and other essential products. The importance of local and on-demand manufacturing has never been more clear. We have printed hundreds of these popular face shields for our front line workers, and now we’re offering them for sale because we know that supplies are still limited for this product.

The frames for these shields are printed on our fleet of 3D printers. The clear plastic shields are made using a simple 3 hole punch. We use strong and clear mylar plastic film. Attaching the plastic shields to the frames is super fast and easy. You can clean the frames with most antivirus sprays. You can purchase replacement shields should yours become damaged or contaminated.