STACKER 500KS Upgrade Kits

We highly recommend both of these upgrades to improve the overall performance and reliability of your STACKER 500 3D printer.

Upgrade Kit #1) Z-Endstop Upgrade Kit ($99) replaces the Z-Probe with an improved Z-homing design for more reliable homing and printer performance.

Upgrade Kit #2) Aluminum Bed & Heater Upgrade Kit ($299) offers a much improved heat bed performance.  The heat bed often reaches temperature before the print heads!  The super-flat Aluminum Bed comes with a sheet of our custom BuildTak™ attached.  Compared to glass and glue stick, BuildTak™ provides one of the best 3D printing surfaces available.



The Z-Endstop Upgrade Kit provides an improved Z-homing experience by replacing the Z-Probe with a more accurate Z-homing location.  Installation takes about an hour.

The Aluminum Bed & Heater Upgrade Kit offers a major improvement in heat bed performance and is fitted with a custom sheet of our BuildTak™.  The ¼” thick aluminum plate measures 475mm x 280mm.  Installation takes about 30 minutes.

Z-Endstop & Bed Upgrade Instructions

Z-Endstop Drilling Template (When Printing PDF make sure Page Sizing & Handling is set to Actual Size)


The information below reflects shipping weight and dimensions (if applicable)

STACKER 500 Upgrade Kit

Both Upgrade Kits ($299), Upgrade Kit #1 Z-Endstop Upgrade Kit ($99), Upgrade Kit #2 Aluminum Bed & Heater Upgrade ($299)