3D Printer BuildTakƒ?› FlexPlate System for Stacker S4


The BuildTak™ FlexPlate System for the Stacker S4 provides easy removal of your 3D printed parts.  No more gouging of your BuildTak™ or breaking parts while trying to pry them from your print bed.  With the FlexPlate System, your parts will literally ‘pop’ off when you bend the FlexPlate.

The FlexPlate System includes the metal BuildTak™ FlexPlate a sheet of our custom STACKER BuildTak printing surface, and a unique magnetic mounting base.  The magnetic mounting base affixes permanently to your aluminum bed.  The magnets hold the metal FlexPlate in place during printing, and when the job is complete, simply remove the entire FlexPlate and flex it to remove your 3D printed parts.

Made in USA.




Made in USA.

In stock (can be backordered)