F-FLEX (3D Part Removal Tool)

Yes, it’s just a scraper, but we designed it to work really well with your 3D printer. Introducing the F-FLEX, the ultimate 3D part removal tool.

Note: the F-FLEX blade is EXTREMELY SHARP! Please dull up the edge with sand paper if kids are going to have access to this product. We do not recommend its use around children and we also recommend caution for any users. Keep your hands BEHIND the blade at all times, as your prints can suddenly breaks loose, which is often the case.


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Removing prints from the build plate is an essential aspect to 3D printing in general. The two printing technologies that dominate the market are FDM/FFF (filament extrusion) and SLA (photo cure resin), and both require the user to remove their prints from the build plate. It doesn’t matter if your printer costs 500 or 30,000 dollars, the process is the same. In most cases a scraper blade is still the preferred method because it’s fast, easy, and effective. Even with modern “flex” it’s often easier to just use a scraper, especially for parts with low layer heights. Scrapers are also used to perform a final cleaning of the build plate before you begin the next print.

Here’s the problem – you can’t actually buy a thin bladed scraper with a sharp edge. Because of this, most users grab a putty knife from the basement. The problem is that putty knives were never designed for 3D print removal. Putty knives are too stiff, the blades too thick, and the edge way too dull. Moreover, the corners come to a point, and this can easily damage your build surface. An off the shelf putty knife also puts way too much stress on the build plate and underlying structure, and this can lead to bending the build plate and other damage to your printer.

The F-FLEX solves all these problems, of course! Sure, it may look like a putty knife, but there is a lot of technology packed into this design. First, we designed a blade with just the right amount of flex. This is important because it’s the flex that makes it easy for you to get the tool under your prints from a variety of angles and positions. Second, the blade had to be incredibly thin, and hold a sharp edge. This meant the steel needed to be first class, not cheap imported stamped steel. We use a hollow ground high carbon steel blade, and roll it until it’s the perfect thickness. Third, the blade had to have special rounded edges to prevent it from digging into your printer’s build plate. We also put a slight angle on the blade to make it even easier to slide under your prints. Fourth, we added an ergonomic handle. The blade is sharp, so getting a good grip is essential for safe usage. The F-FLEX handle uses a special TPU soft touch over molding process. Finally, we included a durable striking cap into the handle which allows you to “knock-off” your models, especially useful for certain types of prints.

Key Feature/Benefits

  • Ultra thin and sharp blade slides easily under your prints
  • High flex blade for better ergonomics and lifting of your prints
  • Soft touch over molded handle for a secure grip
  • Built in hammer cap for knocking-off your prints.
  • Proudly made in the USA

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