Universal Heater Block

Our Universal Heater Block is compatible with most Stacker S2, S4 and S4XL 3D printers beginning in late 2021. However, these heater blocks ONLY work with our new RepRap type screw-in nozzles, like these. Note: If your printer is using our single piece stainless steel nozzle, then you must use a different heater block, like part number 90-115. Now that you’ve confirmed your printer is using a RepRap type nozzle, you must still select which type of temperature sensor is needed based on your specific printer. As a good rule, if your printer is using a Superboard branded controller, select the PT100 Sensor option from the drop down menu. All other users select the NTC100K Sensor option from the drop down menu.

All heaters come with a 50 watt heater cartridge and an 8-pin Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 male connector.

Please call or email if you are unsure and we’ll help you order the correct replacement heater block.


Our Universal Heater Block Assembly is a spare part for Stacker most S2, S4 and S4XL 3D utilizing our new RepRap type nozzles.

If your printer uses the old type single piece nozzles, then this is not the correct heater block. Instead, see part number 90-115.

The information below reflects shipping weight and dimensions (if applicable)

Universal Heater Block