F-BOX (Filament Dry Box)


Coming in December 2020

At its core, 3D printing is a creative and expressive process. We print things to solve problems, to test new designs. We also print things to sell, and we print things to have fun with. It’s no wonder that those who use 3D printers are always trying to improve their print quality. Why would we ever be satisfied with the status quo when we feel almost everything could be made better?

And this explains why most users spend a lot of money on new types of filament and other performance upgrades like nozzles, filament drives, and flex plates, to name just a few. It makes sense, we all want better looking prints, stronger prints, and more reliable printing.

But there is one performance upgrade too few users take advantage of, at least not consistently. It’s also one of the best upgrades you can make. It’s inexpensive and accessible to everyone. And it works equally well on any 3D printer.

It’s called dry filament.

That’s right. Feeding dry filament into your 3D printer is the best performance upgrade you can do for the money. Why? Because your prints will look a lot better, and they will also be substantially stronger. And the printing process will be much more reliable – fewer hot end jams and better adhesion to your build plate and between different materials when performing multi material prints.

The opposite of dry is wet, and this is where the story really begins. When you have wet filament you need to dry it. You can do it in an oven but you risk a lot if the temps are too high. You could use a food dehydrator but this takes time. Or, you could make your own dry box from plastic containers and off the shelf desiccant but most users find this pretty tedious. If it wasn’t tedious everyone would be drying their filament, and the reality is that almost nobody does it.
This is about to change.

Introducing the F-BOX, the ultimate performance upgrade for your 3D printer.

The F-BOX dries, dispenses, and stores your filament.The F-BOX is easy to maintain and inexpensive to own.

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