Stacker S4 Industrial Grade 3D Printer

$12,999.00 $10,999.00

The Stacker S4 is a true industrial grade platform for 3D printing.  You can print with up to four heads at once for faster production speeds.  You can remove heads to utilize the entire build volume.  You can have the heads work together for multi-material printing.  From Prototype to Production™ the S4 has you covered.

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A few Features and Benefits:

  • Print up to four parts at once – 4x print speeds
  • Group heads together for multi-material prints
  • Filament drives can be mounted in Bowden and Direct Drive configuration.
  • Optimized for high tech composite filaments like carbon fiber (colorFabb XT-CF20)
  • Nozzles offer fast reliable printing over wide range of materials
  • Heated print bed
  • Build area up to 345mm x 520mm
  • Print parts up to 650mm tall (25½”)
  • Integrated casters for mobile printing
  • Safe to use in any environment
  • Simplify3D® is included with every Stacker printer purchase (a $149.99 value!).
  • Industrial duty components
  • Made in USA

Print functional prototypes, production parts, jigs, fixtures, signage, movie props, architectural models, artwork, investment casting molds, and much more with high accuracy and repeatability.

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