3D Printer BuildTak for S4-XL

We are proud to offer our custom sized BuildTak™ print bed surface. The thin sheet of special plastic quickly and easily attaches to your STACKER’s glass plate, FlexPlate, or aluminum bed.  BuildTak™ makes almost every print stick better than any other method. To remove the prints you will need to use a sharpened scraper or the BuildTak™ Spatula to pry off your parts.

This sheet of BuildTak™ is custom sized to fit the STACKER S4-XL.


STACKER’s custom BuildTak™ sheet fits perfectly on our S4 aluminum bed or S4-XL FlexPlate.  S4-XL BuildTak™ sheet measures 21-1/4” x 14-3/16”.

To remove parts, use sharpened paint scraper or the BuildTak™ Spatula. Reducing bed temperatures before attempting to remove parts can also be very helpful.

BuildTak Works with all I-BEAM Filaments.  BuildTak also works with ABS, PLA, PC, PLA-composits such as (WoodFill, CorkFill, CopperFill, BronzeFill, and SteelFill), HIPS, PET+, and all of ColorFabb’s line including XT, HT, nGen, and nGen Flex.  We have had success with colorFabb’s PA-CF and PA-NEAT on BuildTak.  We have also had good results with TPUs even though the BuildTak website warns that TPU filaments typically fuse with the BuildTak surface.

Do NOT use glue or other adhesives on BuildTak.  Never clean BuildTak with acetone.  Only clean BuildTak with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Please visit the BuildTak™ Support Page for an instructional video and FAQ.

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