I-BEAM IMPACT PLA High Strength 3D Printer Filament Natural – 1.75mm / 4kg Spool


I-BEAM IMPACT PLA NATURAL prints clear and contains fewer impact modifiers making it slightly more stiff and brittle than other colors in the IMPACT PLA line.  I-BEAM IMPACT NATURAL is still much less brittle than most other PLA filaments.  I-BEAM IMPACT PLA is based on a custom blend of Natureworks brand high temperature PLA using proprietary impact modifiers.

  • IMPACT NATURAL is your everyday filament and perfect for high tolerance prints, investment casting, and general modeling and prototyping.
  • Very easy to print with and handles overhangs and tricky geometry incredibly well
  • Very good layer bonding and great stiffness
  • Note, this filament has a minimal amount of impact modifiers, so it is a bit more stiff and slightly more brittle than the colored filaments available in the IMPACT line.
  • Bio-based using genuine NatureWorks PLA polymer
  • 100% consistent results
  • Made in USA

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