I-BEAM IMPACT PLA High Strength 3D Printer Filament Natural – 1.75mm / 1kg Spool

I-BEAM IMPACT PLA NATURAL prints clear and contains fewer impact modifiers making it slightly more stiff and brittle than other colors in the IMPACT PLA line.  I-BEAM IMPACT NATURAL is still much less brittle than most other PLA filaments.  I-BEAM IMPACT PLA is based on a custom blend of Natureworks brand high temperature PLA using proprietary impact modifiers.

  • IMPACT NATURAL is your everyday filament and perfect for high tolerance prints, investment casting, and general modeling and prototyping.
  • Very easy to print with and handles overhangs and tricky geometry incredibly well
  • Very good layer bonding and great stiffness
  • Note, this filament has a minimal amount of impact modifiers, so it is a bit more stiff and slightly more brittle than the colored filaments available in the IMPACT line.
  • Bio-based using genuine NatureWorks PLA polymer
  • 100% consistent results
  • Made in USA


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Actual Weight on Spool: 1000g
Approximate Length on Spool: 330m
Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
Density: 1.24 g/cm3
Glass Transition Temperature: 55°C to 60°C

Suggested printing temperature: 210°C – 240°C‡
Suggested print speed: 35 – 100 mm/s
Cooling Fan: yes
Suggested heated bed temperature: 50°C – 60°C

Build platform
I-BEAM IMPACT PLA filament adheres well to both heated and non-heated build platforms. We recommend printing on BuildTak.

If printing on a glass bed, apply glue-stick. A very thin layer of glue will be sufficient to keep your print nicely in place. Another gluing method is dissolving PVA glue in water. The consistency of the mixture can be quite thin, like skim milk. By applying just a few drops and smearing the mixture out before you start printing will create a very thin layer which will hold the filament down.

‡3D printers use a variety of hot-end designs which makes it difficult for us to provide a universal temperature. Please refer to your printer’s operating manual for safety and temperature specifics.

In-house testing
All I-BEAM filaments have been rigorously tested at STACKER to ensure the best results possible. We not only test I-BEAM filament on our STACKER 3D printers, but we have also test I-BEAM on a variety of other 3D printers in our print lab to ensure quality and functionality of I-BEAM filaments. If you’re not sure how to print with I-BEAM, please contact us at info@stacker3d.com.

Low Carbon Footprint Bio Filament
IMPACT PLA filament uses bio-plastic from NatureWorks. Because I-BEAM IMPACT PLA is made from plants, it is essentially made from greenhouse gasses. As a result, PLA has a much lower carbon footprint than any other 3D printer filament. I-BEAM proudly uses a specialized formula of NatureWorks. Click here to learn more about Ingeo and greenhouse gasses.

Excellent diameter tolerance
I-BEAM uses sophisticated and highly precise laser measuring systems to check the diameter of the filament in real time during the actual production process. It’s measured over 1000 times per second and this helps guarantee that each spool of filament is produced within tolerance. We can guarantee +/- 0.05mm for our 1.75mm diameter filament, which means you can be rest assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material called for.

Climate Controlled Warehouse
STACKER warehouses all of its filaments in a climate controlled warehouse to protect the filament from heat and moisture which can degrade the life and performance of some filaments.

We recommend using a lab oven (although any oven will work). Set the temperature at approximately 120°C (250°F). Place your part on a baking sheet and place in the preheated oven.  The annealing process takes approximately 20 minuets for smaller parts (larger parts may take up to an hour to fully anneal).  Note, the part will shrink during the annealing process.  After baking the part, remove from oven and allow to cool before handing the part.

Spool Size:
Outer Diameter: 200mm
Thickness: 73mm
Inner Diameter: 53mm

Tech Downloads: Technical data and MSDS sheets are available at http://i-beamfilament.com/Materials