Replacement Fans

All Stacker 3D printers use 24 volt fans.  Stacker replacement fans use a variety of connectors, so be sure to confirm the connector type you need with our sales department (  Our fans are specially selected to operate at the optimal air flow performance for your printer.

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Fan Specifications

Stacker 3D printers use 24 volt fans.  Before purchasing a replacement fan from Stacker, always be sure to measure the size of your fan and contact the sales department to confirm the correct connectors is attached to your replacement fan.

  • 30mm fans were used on the old controller housing (Stacker 500), and our old style heat sinks (Stacker 500, Stacker S4, and Stacker S2).
  • 40mm fans are used to cool motors (Stacker 500) and the new style heat sinks on the (Stacker S2, Stacker S4, and Stacker S4-XL).
  • 50mm blower fans are used on all Stacker printers to cool filament as it exits the nozzle.
  • 80mm fans are used on controller housing (Stacker S2, Stacker S4, and Stacker S4-XL).

If you have any specific questions about our replacement fans, please contact Stacker at

The information below reflects shipping weight and dimensions (if applicable)

Fan Variations

30mm Fan, 40mm Fan, 50mm Blower Fan, 80mm Fan