I-BEAM PETG BLACK CARBON FIBER High Strength 3D Printer Filament Black – 1.75mm / 3kg Spool

I-BEAM PETG BLACK CF was developed to be the strongest, easiest to print, most accurate, and most reliable carbon fiber reinforced PETG filament on the market today.  And, it uses up to 75% recycled materials! The carbon fibers increase stiffness, dimensional stability, and also reduce creep. This filament has a large processing window of 220 to 255C, which means that almost any 3D printer with a hardened nozzle can run it. Final parts are tough, great looking, and not brittle. This just might be the best filament for most functional parts, so be sure to try it out.

  • Strong filament for making functional parts
  • Near perfect overhangs and supported layers
  • Up to 75% recycled materials
  • 100% consistent and accurate results
  • Very easy to print on any printer, great first layer adhesion
  • Made in USA


Actual Weight on Spool: 4000g
Approximate Length on Spool: 1320m
Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.05 mm
Density: 1.24 g/cm3
Glass Transition Temperature: 55°C to 60°C

Suggested printing temperature: 210°C – 240°C‡
Suggested print speed: 35 – 100 mm/s
Cooling Fan: yes
Suggested heated bed temperature: 50°C – 60°C


Build platform: I-BEAM PETG CARBON requires a heated bed in most instances, from 60-80C. We recommend printing on BuildTak, PEI, or using Glue on Glass.

If printing on a glass bed, apply glue-stick. A very thin layer of glue will be sufficient to keep your print nicely in place.

‡3D printers use a variety of hot-end designs which makes it difficult for us to provide a universal temperature. Please refer to your printer’s operating manual for safety and temperature specifics.

In-house testing: All I-BEAM filaments have been rigorously tested at STACKER to ensure the best results possible. We not only test I-BEAM filament on our STACKER 3D printers, but we have also tested I-BEAM on a variety of other 3D printers in our print lab to ensure quality and functionality of I-BEAM filaments. If you’re not sure how to print with I-BEAM, please contact us at sales@stacker3d.com.

Low Carbon Footprint Bio Filament: IMPACT PETG CARBON FIBER uses up to 75% recycled materials.

Excellent diameter tolerance: I-BEAM uses sophisticated and highly precise laser measuring systems to check the diameter of the filament in real time during the actual production process. It’s measured over 1000 times per second and this helps guarantee that each spool of filament is produced within tolerance. We can guarantee +/- 0.05mm for our 1.75mm diameter filament, which means you can be rest assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material called for.

Climate Controlled Warehouse: STACKER warehouses all of its filaments in a climate controlled warehouse to protect the filament from heat and moisture which can degrade the life and performance of some filaments.

Spool Size:
Outer Diameter: 300mm
Thickness: 100mm
Inner Diameter: 53mm

Tech Downloads: Technical data and Safety Data Sheets are available at https://stacker3d.com/materials-data/

*3D printers have a wide variety of hot-ends which makes it extremely difficult to provide a universal printing temperature. The provided temperature range should be considered a starting point to help you find a temperature that works for your print. Please refer back to your printer’s operating manual for safety and temperature specifics.